The Utility and Benefits of Battery Racks


27 Jul, 2021

The battery racks refer to the framework like rails, bars, legs, hooks to store the battery cells. All kinds of battery cells from lead-acid to nickel-cadmium and vertical to horizontal can be accommodated in these racks.


The different types of battery packs, which are available in the market include:


1- Standard battery racks- These racks are designed to keep all types of stationary battery models. They are strong, easy to use, flexible in nature, and acid-proof. These are developed in modular sections and therefore, can be assembled and modified easily.


2- Seismic rated battery racks- It has many racks designed to keep SBS batteries. These are earthquake-proof racks and are available in different styles like 2-step, 2-tier, 2-row or custom.


3- Relay racks- It is designed for front access or monobloc style batteries and made up of welded heavy gauge steel.


4-VRLA battery racks- It comes with adjustable rails. The floor mounting brackets are corrosion resistant in nature.




There are several benefits of using battery racks, which are listed below:

1- The large sized batteries can be organized easily, without taking so much of space.

2- It keeps the batteries away from dirt and debris.

3- It can be assembled and fit properly in any of the storage areas.

4- The battery racks cater to all storage needs and a large battery set up can be maintained easily.

5- It keeps everything organized, with the proper display system.


The battery racks are easily available at several online stores, at a discounted price, with the added facility of delivery at the doorsteps. The racks are highly durable, made using advanced technology. The accessories like fans, filters, light kits are also available with the racks at an affordable price.


In the UAE, there are many manufacturers and suppliers, who deal with battery racks and provide them at a very affordable price. There is a huge demand for such racks, owing to their uses and benefits. The racks are made from high-quality raw material, sourced from the most authorized vendors in the industry. The providers of battery racks in the UAE make sure that all the offered products pass through stringent quality checks before getting dispatched. It is important to keep the battery design in mind, before purchasing the racks so that it fits appropriately. The support of the racks is coated with white epoxy powder to provide electrolyte protection.


Thus, it can be concluded that battery racks are irreplaceable and the dealers dealing with it are earning huge revenues.