Battery Cabinet

2i Integrated Industries has been famed for being a pioneer in the battery cabinet in UAE. With our years of experience in the respective field and from the expertise fetched from our success stories, we have been always been preferred for battery racks in UAE and other similar items.


Industrial Battery Cabinet Supplier in UAE



Our range of battery cabinet in UAE are built and supplied in all parts of the UAE and beyond. We design our industrial battery cabinet and other similar items for protection with selective ratings.

What keeps us ahead of our competitors is the weatherproof materials that we use coupled with extinguishing fire retardancy followed by an anti-static gel coat finish for the exteriors.


Integrated Industries (2I )has a wide selection of cabinet arrangements allowing the greatest use of E flexible modular design.  Battery Cabinets are manufactured cold rolled steel with a high quality powder coated finish.




The  floor standing sheet metal cabinets supplied complete designed for housing sealed lead acid or NiCd batteries, for electrical back up or security power systems.


2I Battery cabinet is made of galvanized sheet steel protected by a coating of epoxy paint. The battery cabinets are powder coated finish powder coated & oven dried for great finish and corrosion resistance.


The box is designed for cables or conduits entry through a gland plate in the bottom. The gland plate is removable for easy drilling or punching on site or in the workshop.


Four battery shelves with cross reinforcement, powder coated, are fastened at seven points each, inside the cabinet with a capacity of 800 kg./m2 each. The shelves are removable and adjustable in height.


One reversible door is installed on the box body for enclosures 1000mm and less in width. For larger enclosures, two doors are in place. Doors are fixed by means of tree hinges and three point locks. A foam gasket between the door and the box body assuring smooth closing. The doors and sides are ventilated by means of ventilation louvers allowing proper breathing of the cabinet and components.


The enclosure size, color can be modified as per battery size and client requirements



  • Data Centers
  • Network Opeation Centers
  • Industrial Process Control Facilities
  • Internet Housing Sites
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Banks & Financial Markets
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Hospitals & Testing Laboratories
  • Emergency 911 Response Centers