Telecom Shelter & Telecom infrastructure

Building out the telecom infrastructure which helps us connect the remote corners of the world can be extremely challenging. This is why we are here. We are the best telecom shelter manufacturer in UAE.


Our company 2i Integrated Industries is known for the quality of the products that we manufacture and supply to our customers and clients. We can help you with effective, reliable designs which are best for use.


Our product has amazing features as well. This establishes a reliable backup power system which keeps the system operating all situations. Our team has experience and skills with the full range of telecom infrastructure projects and can supply in completing all your projects on time. Therefore choose us and get your telecom shelter in UAE without our help.


Telecom Shelter Manufacturer in UAE


Our company is the best prefabricated telecom shelter manufacturer and supplier.


We manufacture and export a wide assortment of Prefabricated Telecom Shelter and Cabins, prefabricated PUF insulated cabins and porta cabins that are extensively required for sheltering telephonic equipment. These are manufactured under the supervision of skilled experts and meet various requirements in the leading industrial price.


Shelter Furnishing:


2i provides complte telecom shelter solution with furnishing item such as HVAC system,MDB,FIre Fighting system. Our tehnical team provides.