Prefabricated Washroom

Prefabricated WC and shower units offer a great advantage with their rapid and affordable characteristics with respect to other building models. Depending on required number of units and sizes, 2I prefabricated WC shower structures are produced by means of modern technology, and then delivered to the area of installation to be assembled by our expert teams as ready to use. The WC shower units come with different options to suit different customers’ needs such as: WC unit (Asian style (squatting), European-style toilet, WC & showers for people with special needs, urinals… etc.) & shower units, waste and sanitary water outlets and fittings, electric installation and fittings can be delivered as ready-to-use. Since all units are manufactured as demounted in facility, they are completely installed on-site with experienced assembly teams within a short time. With fully material usage, short-time manufacturing period, long service life and no requirement of any extra workmanship (workmanship for electric, water, wall, door, window etc.), 2I prefabricated WC & shower structures are the most affordable and secure WC & shower solutions.