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Outdoor Cabinets Manufacturer in UAE



Are you searching for outdoor cabinets manufacturer? 2i Integrated Industries offer the best outdoor cabinets in UAE. We provide you with an extensive range of systems and frames that can fit into it.


You can discuss your specialized requirements with us, and we shall help you design the best-quality outdoor cabinets in UAE to aid you with your project. The frames of the outdoor cabinets are developed using the best-quality finish. Each of our products is made of galvanized steel and with powdered coated polyester to make it last through the times.


The outdoor cabinets that we build can be used to store the flammable liquids with complete assurance of safety in the outdoors. We also provide you with varying sizes of drum storage cabinets and adheres to strict compliances of safety and quality standards.




Outdoor power cabinets are the ultimate multi-use cabinets that are insulated and temperature-regulated; they function as protection cells for the integration of high - value equipment. These cabinets are ideal for cell sites or for regular telephone service and can also be used for co-location for the local telephone company.


The power cabinet simply consists of;

  • AC Cooling unit
  • Rectifier System
  • Batteries




The power cabinet is a modular start-up solution. It is self contained and can be delivered directly to site with minimal requirements for ground preparation. It is a plug and power solution.


The units offer good resistance to corrosion. They are normally manufactured using aluminum or galvanized pre painted steel sheet in polyurethane sandwich panel with powder coated finish. Custom sizes are available and these cabinets occasionally serve as battery cooling units.




Cabinet: They are made of polyurethane sandwich panel’s consisting of 0.6mm thick hot dip galvanized white polyester pre-painted corrugated sheet in the outer facings. The sheets are 70g/m² Zinc plated coat of (5+20 microns) colored by “RAL9016 – Traffic White”. The inner skin is 0.5mm aluminum stucco embossed. Each of the wall, roof and floor panels are being injected on high pressure foam machine in special presses by hard polyurethane foam core of minimum guaranteed density 40kg/m³ and satisfying a total thickness of 50mm.Cabinets has 4 Nos. flanges 15x15mm for installation at site.




Technical details:


0.7 m

(Width x Depth)                              

1.4 m x 0.7m




40°C to +60°C


AC 230V, 50Hz, DC -48 V

IP  Rating                                          




Foam Specifications


40 Kg/m³


Thermal Conductivity

0.016 W/m² K

DIN 52612

Fire Point

245 °C


Closed Cells


ISO 4590

Compression Strength @ 10% strain

0.21 N/mm²

DIN 53421, DIN 5342

Adhesive Strength to Metal

0.51 N/mm²


Flexural Strength

0.58 N/mm²

DIN 53423

Bending Strength

0.28 N/mm²

DIN 53423


13 MM

DIN 53423

Dimensional Stability;



           @ -20 °C

0.10 % Volume Change


           @ 38 °C and 90% RH

0.15 % Volume Change


           @ 100

1.00% Volume Change


           @ 38 °C and 90% RH

83 Gm/m²

ISO 1663