Generator Silencer

Generator Trolley Manufacturers


2i Integrated Industries is the largest generator silencer manufacturer, that are built and designed with the help of some authentically great raw-materials and latest technology followed by our sophisticated set up for production.

Our unit is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art infrastructure, and our emission and sound compliant generator silencer models. We keep upgrading ourselves with the newest and latest technologies to stay ahead from our competitors in the market, followed by the ever-changing requirements and trends of the methodologies in manufacturing the generator silencer.


Our entire workforce works towards being the leading generator silencer manufacturer by putting the generator silencer to function yielding high-performance.


We design and manufacture standard silencers for general purpose applications and custom models to suit your specific needs. Silencers are manufactured from MS steel, stainless steel or carbon steel depending upon the application and size and range from 2-inch to 20-inch silencer inlets with varying insertion performance capabilities.