Diesel Tank

Diesel Storage Tank manufacturer


Are you looking for Diesel Storage Tank manufacturer? At 2i Integrated Industries we are serving as the best diesel tank manufacturer in UAE and beyond. Our team is well equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure which is designed to cater to the needs of bulk orders from the customers if the need arises.


Diesel Oil Storage Tank Installation



We are proud to be empowered with our newest machinery equipment and tools which helps us in manufacturing the reliable diesel oil storage tank. Each of our team members is highly conscious of quality, and thus we strive to deliver you with the matchless diesel tank installation. We have been using top-graded raw materials that are in compliance with our stringent quality standards, to make the double wall diesel tank and diesel oil storage tank as well.


Petroleum Storage Tank are constructed and put into operation faster and more cost effectively than any other tank system on the market. Our tanks can be successfully installed in all types of weather , keeping you on-time and within your budget. Storage Tank has been providing petroleum storage systems with field- proven performance life of more than 25 years. Because petroleum is such a complex and volatile substance, tanks are  custom designed to meet the unique and rigorous conditions of even your toughest applications.


The new automatic boom welding machine is providing very high efficiency welding standards.