The Cost Benefits of Using Prefabricated Office Buildings


28 Aug, 2021

The role of an office in any business premises cannot be underestimated. The office happens to be in the central area where all the front desk and back desk activities of the company are carried out. Without a proper office space conducting the activities of directing, delegating and organising order becomes very difficult. Therefore installing an office building and decorating it happens to be an expensive undertaking for many companies with profit-making moto.


An in-plant office is a modular set-up of an office space where the space division and cubicles are prefabricated. The modular warehouse offices are capable of being installed anywhere in the warehouse. In case of any last moment modification or creating a new layout, one can easily redesign or modify the in-plant office and fit the new arrangement.

The prefabricated office manufacturer faces a huge demand for offices in this format. One of the important reasons being, by replacing the traditional office buildings with these modular prefabricated structures, the cost is reduced to a great extent. The in-plant offices lead to cost reduction in many ways, some of them are as follows-


1. Reduce the Initial Cost of Construction


The concept of prefabricated offices results in a reduction of the cost in the preliminary stages. This is mainly because the cost of prefabricated materials is less expensive in comparison to the traditional offices made of brick and concrete. Again, the cost of construction is also lower for the prefabricated walls can be installed very easily.


The total construction cost is calculated exempting the cost of materials and labour. Different analysis has shown that the modular offices led to a reduction of construction costs by 9 to 20 per cent.


2. Reduced Costs of Running the Office


Conventional business operations always supported a closed office system where every member of the team owned an office. Though this office set-up had many advantages in most cases, it has always been an expensive initiative. Whereas, the prefabricated modular office set-up enhances an open layout of the office. Here each and every member have a seating arrangement in a single huge office space.


Office set-up in this style minimises the cost of running the office since most of the resources in the office is shared by multiple teams.


3. Pocket-Friendly Remodelling Cost


Remodelling the in-plant offices are not only easy but also quite cheaper. While remodelling the remodelling experts and designers don't need to change the entire set-up, they can very easily remodel the exact point as required. The materials used for prefabricated office walls are recyclable and therefore can be altered with great ease. These walls can be cut into required shapes and attractive designs without any extra efforts or costs.


4. Reduced Maintainance Cost


The maintenance cost of these in-plant prefabricated offices is much cheaper in comparison to the maintenance costs of conventional offices. For a prefabricated office, the requirement of maintenance is very negligible. These modular offices only call for remodelling after it shows signs of weakness, which again does not consume much time, labour or cost. On the other hand, conventional office buildings while needs costly repairing and maintenance for safety measures.


Not only that during the work of maintaining the office work stays at the stand by mode, whereas in an in-plant office pausing the office work is not required while remodelling.


5. Cheap and Flexible Expansion


With the growth of the business, the count of employees and business activities increases. Naturally, the demand for more office space increases as a result. As explained earlier, the prefabricated offices provide a very cheap and flexible option for making an expansion in comparison to the conventional offices. Remodelling and expanding in-plant office does not involve much time also which in the case of a conventional office would engage a long span of time.


6. Lower Energy Cost


The prefabricated office walls help in the reduction of energy usage and thus reduces the energy cost. This reduction in energy cost also led to an increase in business profit at the same time. This is because the materials used in prefabricated walls are recycled materials and therefore results in some added insulation. Good insulation minimises the requirement of air conditioning within the office which indicates a positive sign for the business.


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