The Advantages of Prefabricated Data Center Modules


19 Aug, 2021

With the advancement in digitization and increased use of data, it is estimated that about 1/3 of all existing data will pass through the cloud. The data company must keep with the growing demand to survive in the market space. Earlier, the data company had no other option than to expand the existing facility to accommodate the expanding demand. However, this problem can now be easily solved with the prefabricated data centre. Prefabricated Data Center Modules are pre-engineered and pre-fitted into the existing data centre- site and provide for the more practical option than building a new facility.


The traditional build-up is slowly losing its charm with prefabricated data centre mushrooming in recent years. Several prefab data centres in UAE provide high–quality service with a customizable option to their customers at affordable prices. This article will walk you through several advantages of prefabricated data centre modules.


Space Saving and Reduced Cost

The main component of the prefabricated data centre modules to the traditional setup is the same. However, companies can choose the design of prefabricated data centre modules that can be later assembled by the manufacturer in their desired budget. Since these are built with precise specifications, they offer improved reliability and high performance.


Prefabricated data centre modules may seem costly upfront due to the pre-assembly feature; however, these are cost-effective when it comes to data centre maintenance. Prefabricated data centre modules offer space-saving and reduced costs as companies will no longer have to hire and supervise different centres and have a streamlined business experience.


Less Energy Consumption

Since prefabricated data centre modules are pre-engineered, these include an integrated system for power and cooling. Therefore, these require less energy consumption than the traditional setup. Prefabricated data centre modules allow for a more cohesive system and lead to low operating costs.



Portability is vital for any business to not lose on the investment. Data Company in the traditional set-up would often lose on investment if moved on a new location as it was always a risk that the existing constructed data centre may be left behind. It is not the case with prefabricated data centres; these can be moved without hassle to a new location, thereby saving the additional cost of building a new data centre.



Scalability is essential for the success of any business enterprise. A prefabricated data centre allows data companies to adjust the size and the design of the prefabricated data centre modules as per the phase of the deployment. It leads to reduced capital investment on behalf of the data company.


Fast Deployment

Prefabricated data centre modules are factory assembled, and therefore these lead to low installation costs and saves time. It allows companies o focus on core business goals and leads to business growth. On other hand, a traditional setup would take several years to be finally ready for finish and hinder the data company ability to expand their business venture.


The above-discussed advantages highlight that prefabricated data centre modules are only going to rise in demand in future. However, the data company should understand the application and desired use before choosing a design for prefabricated data centre modules for their company. The optimal configuration for the data company includes functional blocks and a selection of form factors needed for desired application for their business.


Although, not all companies may require a fully prefabricated data centre. Some companies can require semi- Prefabricated data centre modules or a traditional setup to maximize their business growth. The data company should weigh all the cons and pros like scalability, cash flow, deployment cost, etc to make an informed final decision. Several Prefab data centres in UAE provide prefabricated data centre modules design for their clients as per their desired application at cost-effective rates.


You can browse online and seek the help of professionals to guide you with prefabricated data centre modules that best suits your company business requirement. You can also compare prices and services offered on various Prefabricated data centres to get great deals and the best customer service.