Shipping Facts You Should Know About the Dry Vans


26 Apr, 2022

A brief about Dry Vans


They are a type of fully enclosed, non-temperature controlled semi-trailer for transporting large quantities of cargo and goods, as well as for oversized cargo such as cars and large machines. It doesn’t allow anything to enter the box such as moisture, humidity, water, sunlight, dust, etc. It makes sure that the shipped goods inside the box remain free from any kind of contamination from the outer environment. Dry vans offer shields to the shipments from external factors such as high winds, rain, dust, and direct heat.


Application of Dry Vans


These dry vans are generally used for a variety of shipment types. If you’ve ever sent or received freight, there are high chances your goods likely traveled on a dry van. Dry vans work well for transporting consumer packaged goods such as clothing, electronics, automobiles, and furniture. They are also commonly used for transporting haul machinery and parts, household goods, and mostly non-perishable foods items like sugar, salt, and grains. The use of Dry vans is the standard shipping method for bulk items that are not liquid, gas, temperature-sensitive, perishable or hazardous if mishandled. Putting these exceptions aside, a dry van can transport any material or goods, regardless of the size, quantity, and shape.


The demand for dry van shipping is rapidly increasing due to the recent increase in commerce and e-commerce which has made it mandatory for the trucking industry to adapt to the need for dry vans.


What are the advantages of dry van shipping?




Dry vans are ubiquitous as it is the most common type of truck trailer used by many shipping companies. Easily available things usually have reasonable rates in the market. Since there are so many container suppliers that offer this specific type of box, companies are continuously trying to edge out their competitors by offering a discounted or competitive price.


Protection from outer elements


A dry van is known to restrict the entry of elements from the environment to the box. The four-sided enclosed box offers full proof protection to cargoes from outer factors such as heat, rain, snow, or wind. Long-distance travel over road, rail, seas can expose your cargo to anything which might affect the quality of the shipped goods. But a dry van ensures the complete safety of your goods. 


Protection from theft


Whenever your shipment is in transition, the risk of theft and robbery are the major concerns you encounter. Dry van containers are very popular to provide the utmost safety to cargoes. It not only protects your goods from external environmental factors but also from any kind of theft. It is highly suitable to transport goods that need extra protection and security such as antique masterpieces, luxury cars, jewelry, and other valuable possessions.




Dry vans are widely known for their versatility as they can transport a wide variety of goods. This most convenient way of shipment can be used to transport books, clothes, furniture, dry food items, machines, etc.


Challenges of dry van shipping


The major challenge associated with dry van shipping is that these trailers don’t have the system of temperature control which makes them unsuitable for refrigeration transport. Also, due to lack of insulation, they cannot handle any changes in the weather conditions and outside temperature.


Plus, many of the dry vans used by the freight forwarders network have hardwood floors that are vulnerable to moisture and condensation buildup that can come from freight or through open doors. It can be damaged by both the weather conditions and by the cargo being forwarded which may lead to an extra repair or replacement cost if the trailer takes on the damage.


The UAE is a tropical region, known for its high temperature not only during the summers but most of the days of the year. Transportation in the case of agriculture, food processing, and the hospitality industry is a major concern. Also, some of the other goods that require cold storage include medicines, flowers, cosmetics, and more. When these goods are taken out of cold storage for transportation, the quality hampers due to the temperature difference. So, now there are refrigerated vehicles in UAE which are designed to transport perishable goods. There is an automated cooling system installed inside these articulated vans for efficient cooling during transit.


Final Words


In a nutshell, a dry van is versatile fulfilling most of your cargo shipment needs. But there are many customers with different needs and desires and to satisfy all their demands, 2I is involved in providing a qualitative range of Refrigerated Vans in UAE which are specially designed utilizing basic material of finer quality and updated technology at our end. One can individually open the folding wall doors of the refrigerated vans in UAE that allow partial unloading. These vehicles are fully air-conditioned with a temperature control facility and become a necessity in the market for transporting perishable goods.


The range of dry box refrigeration vehicles should meet stringent safety and quality standards before being handed over to the clients. Choose the best vehicle for your shipment from the thousands of container types and sizes.