Passively - Cooled Shelters for Remote Equipment in Hot and Arid Climates


27 Oct, 2021

You cannot rely completely on electronic equipment which operates in extremely hot conditions that are the reason why most of the equipment now incorporates fan cooling. And many builders use powder coating in UAE.


The traditional techniques of cooling require a power supply that often comes with various difficulties.


There are solar cells and various DC powered air cooling techniques that are progressing with time, but due to their lack of efficiency, along with issues of battery lifecycle in warm climates continue to create environmental protection expensive and complicated.


The passive cooling shelter is the best weapons with which you can protect the electronics and remote instrumentation against the extreme temperatures.


Passive cooling shelter works more effectively in such dry, hot climates. The process of passive cooling and such technologies apply to a pretty wide range of different climatic problems and conditions.


Cooling Without the Use Of Power


  • In the Middle East, water-based passive cooling shelters, which are powered by the natural convention is mostly used as a solution for cooling.
  • The technique has a major benefit of not needing any electricity supply. Due to this benefit, it is perfect for cooling remote equipment like instrumentations.
  • The PCS or the pure passive cooling systems work by exploiting the differences between night and day time temperatures in the regions with high swings like arid deserts using all the energy storage capability of the coolant fluid.
  • Mostly water is used as a cooling agent because it has a high amount of thermal capacity. Natural convection is the only means of circulation. Mostly you can rely on ln this process because there are no moving parts.


What Does A Passive Cooling Shelter Consist Of?


  • The passive cooling shelter mainly comprises of an insulated housing, that has two closed-loop external and internal heat exchanger circuits.
  • These circuits are connected to one single storage tank which is thermally stratified.


How does a passive cooling shelter work?


  • The passive cooling shelter work by exploiting temperature swing over the daily cycle of climate.
  • There are buffer tanks of water or any other types of fluid which provides the storage medium for storing coolness of the night and a moderate type of temperature in the daytime via the heat exchangers.
  • You can achieve hybrid cooling by making additions like solar-powered micropumps which helps in boosting the water circulation or if possible electricity from air conditioner of water chiller can also be used.
  • You can make the passive cooling shelter hybrid to make them cost-effective and significantly much smaller.


What Is The Use Of Powder Coating In UAE?


  • A powder coating is a dry finishing process where the powder is applied as a coat. It works exactly like paint which doesn’t have any solvents.
  • The powder coating in UAE is done electrostatically and after that, it is cured under the heat which makes it form a skin type of layer on the top of that material.
  • It has an extremely wide range of applications and due to that, it has become pretty popular. Powder coating in UAE is a famous thing to do.


These are all that you needed to know about passive cooling shelter.

And also about the popularity and exposure of powder coating in the UAE.