Key Considerations for Installing A Cold Room


14 Jul, 2021

When you require cold storage or cold chamber for your business, choosing the right cold rooms manufacturers is vital. But before everything else keep in mind requirements and specifications is essential. Installing a cold room is not an easy job but the right one would get along for long years. Whether for your kitchen, food storage, wine storage, beef and cheese storage or even other reasons, there are some factors that should be considered before making the final decision.


If thinking kitchens, a commercial kitchen could only operate efficiently if it has the right cold storage for food helping keep the taste and the nutrients intact. Food does not get spoiled when you store them in cold storage and it could be served for a longer period of time. The thing is the right selection of cold storage manufacturer would help in the long run to make your commercial kitchen a smooth and hassle-free one without ever falling short of food items.


Have a Clear Idea Regarding What You Want


Cold rooms do not come cheap. Therefore you have to be particular regarding your specifications and requirements. Whether it is the racks, the length, everything should be mentioned before the manufacturer starts work. Choosing a huge cold room for a limited amount of food will ultimately cause a waste of money. Therefore think wisely before choosing a manufacturer and making an investment.


Space For Storage and Location


The location and the specification matters a lot for optimum functionality of the room. Make sure cold rooms in UAE does not take up the whole space of the kitchen. Because commercial kitchens are not always big, many install the cold chamber in the backyard or the loading bay. Therefore as soon as the supplier would deliver the food, it could be stored to keep it fresh and nutritional.


Keep In Mind Environmental Regulation


Remember, cold storage emits harmful gases that could adversely affect the environment. Therefore the cold chamber should be designed and tailored to comply with the environmental regulations to avoid any fine. Not just saving the environment, it helps in reducing the energy expenses and consumption as well. Cold room installation is not easy, therefore never compromise on quality and always compare quotes and services before choosing anyone particular.




The cold chamber you would be ordering should be compatible with the operations business of your kitchen. Mention beforehand the type of food you would be storing and what is the requisite temperature. This helps you run the kitchen functionally. Both the supplier and the clients should have a clear idea about the requirements and specifications. Shelving is necessary for any cold chamber. Use the space as much as you can and separate space for food items like raw meat, packaged cans, fresh vegetables, sauces and a lot more. This helps in performing the inventory in a hassle-free way.


Also, scalability matters too. Plan ahead because as the business would grow, you do not want to fall under shortage of space. Cold rooms are a great addition for any business for whom these would be a necessity.