Dry Van Shipping: What You Need To Know


08 Jan, 2022

Truckload shipping is the motion of congruent cargo that is equivalent to the amount of one entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. And a company or a truckload carrier is that company or person that carries it generally takes a contract to carry the entire cargo of one company to a single customer.


This is in contrast to less-than truckload company (LTL) company that mixes and matches the cargo or freight of various customers in each of its trailers. There is a bright side and a negative one to everything. The LTL companies have to make several stop-overs to get their cargo unloaded whereas, the former just stops at the destined location.



Different Types of Truckload


Truckload shipment is of three types. They are:


• Dry van

• Flatbed

• Refrigerated



What Is Dry Van Shipping


A dry van is as its name suggests, it is a semi-trailer that is fully encapsulated to prevent the external elements from coming into contact with the consignment. It carries pallets or loose freight and is not temperature controlled in opposition to refrigerated units. Their carrying capacity is limited.



Size Variation of Dry Vans


There are a variety of sizes in dry vans. They are:


• 53-foot trailers

• 28-foot trailers

• Straight trucks


They are big and rectangular in shape and are considered to be the most commonly used form of shipping goods. They are trailers connected to trucks with huge capacities for hauling them to their destination.



Benefits of Dry Van Shipping


There are numerous benefits of dry van shipping. They are:


• Versatility

• Protection

• Affordability


Versatility: This is the most convenient form of transporting packed goods, and so they are frequently used. Various products like clothing, furniture and electronics are very commonly transported by means of dry van shipping. Sometimes even machinery and its parts are also transported. It even comes in handy for dry food items and household goods at times.


Protection: This method of shipment has its advantage in that it transports the goods entirely protected as they are covered fully from all sides. It protects the materials inside from all the elements of nature. There is a locking facility and, it fully ensures that the goods are totally protected even from getting robbed.


Affordability: Most carrier companies nowadays have dry vans that are easily available. They require no extra service or special operational procedures that make them very cost-effective.

The dry van shipping is good, so far as the consignments do not require temperature deviations or special temperature effects.



Refrigerated Shipping


Refrigerated shipping is also known as less-than-truckload shipping because it is designed to carry specific types of goods. It is required for only the goods that need refrigeration. It is mostly required for perishable food items. It is mostly necessary for very hot countries like the UAE, where the summer temperatures touch to around 50 degrees.


Thus, Refrigerated Vans In UAE are a necessity for almost every sort of item to retain its freshness. This form of transportation is a very complicating method of transportation because it requires a lot of care in the handling of the goods.


The time covered in reaching its destination is more so, it involves more cost also. But at times, this is inevitable because of the nature of the goods to be transported. This form of shipping is very commonly seen nowadays almost everywhere around the world. And Refrigerated Vehicles In UAE are a must, where even vehicles carrying humans are fully air-conditioned. It falls under the necessary and not under the luxurious.


But this form of shipping has its limitations because it can carry two kinds of refrigerated items: the frozen (0-10 degrees Fahrenheit) or the refrigerated (32-36 degrees Fahrenheit). It cannot carry anything in between.


Dry van shipping is mostly useful for the food and beverage industry where there are perishable and non-perishable or non-refrigerated items to be carried. But Dry Box Refrigeration Vehicles are a must for this industry.